Laying out of the road network around the Luxembourg-Strassen CHL

Description Laying out of the public road network in the communes of Luxembourg Strassen close to the Luxembourg hospital complex (C.H.L) on a length of some 1,000m. Creation of a new access road (Rue F. Mertens) along with laying out the Rue P. Federspiel, the Rue Barblé, the Rue A. Fleming, Rue du Val St.-André and their five respective junctions, and in particular including creating a new roundabout connecting the Rue Federspiel to the Rue Barblé. Renewal of the entire infrastructure networks in the roadways and pavements (gas pipes, urban heating and cooling, electricity network…).

Location Luxembourg - Strassen

Client City of Luxembourg - Strassen Communal Administration

Cost 3.000.000 €

Start of service provision 2002

End of service provision 2009

Mission Preliminary study / topographical measurements / drawing up of the geotechnical reconnaissance programme / summary pre-project / drawing up of variants / detailed pre-project / multi-network study and constraints / cleansing and drainage / permit requests / materials calculations / dossier submission / detailed cost estimate / execution plans / phasing plans / ad hoc technical monitoring of works / participation in site meetings / participation in reception of works / establishment of calculations and invoice control / drawing up of payment notes / drawing up of final cost analysis / reception of works

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