Infrastructure study for the Luxembourg tram – Lot 2

Description Infrastructure and insertion works in an urban environment, for lot 2 of the Luxembourg tramway, ‘keystone’ of the entire project and the projected spinal column of public transport in the City of Luxembourg. A restructuring of the urban area along a stretch of de 3.1 km between the Central Station and the Schuman Roundabout, laying out of the road zones from façade to façade on the national and communal roads including the Place de and the Place de Metz, construction of 7 passenger stations and integration of three major interchanges (Central Station, Royal Hamilius and the Place de l’Etoile). Setting up of provisional diversions for the traffic and modifying several infrastructure networks (drinking water, channelling, electricity…): all of this within a particularly constraining urban environment.

Location Luxembourg- Ville

Client G.I.E. Luxtram

Cost 48.800.000 €

Start of service provision 2016

End of service provision 2021

Mission Taking over the detailed pre-project dossier from the previous holder / realisation of extra elements requested by the project manager / modifications in line with plans and texts / integration of the modifications into the programme / geometric studies / network diversion studies / works studies / pre-calculations / detailed cost estimate / participation in coordination meetings / establishment of legal elements

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