Redesign of the Boulevard Pierre Frieden, Luxembourg

Description Works on re-laying out the boulevard Pierre Frieden (F.K.12) on the Kirchberg Plateau in Luxembourg on along a stretch of some 1,000 metres, including modifying the junction with the Boulevard Konrad Adenauer (F.K.1), laying out a new road thoroughfare and increasing its width to a maximum of 36m by adding parking spaces adjoining the new Kiem district, providing a new roundabout (diameter=40m) to enable later connection to the Boulevard Prince Charles, along with adaptations to the adjacent roads and to access for inhabitants. Setting up of provisional diversions for the traffic and modifying and renewing major infrastructure networks (high and low voltage electricity networks HT MT, gas pipes, urban heating network, channelling…).

Location Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Client Kirchberg Plateau Planning Fund (FUAK)

Cost 9.000.000 €

Start of service provision January 2012

End of service provision December 2015

Mission Summary pre-project / summary cost estimate / variation study / establishment of compensatory measures / ground movement studies / detailed pre-project / multi-network study and constraints / permit requests / materials calculations / dossier submission / detailed cost estimate / execution plans / phased health & safety coordination / phasing plans / provisional diversion plans / technical assistance at execution stage

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