Assistance in the development of the 9th FED road programme – Vanuatu

Support for the Public Works Department (PWD) for the planning, putting into operation and monitoring of the execution of the 9th FED road programme: help with the start and execution of the programme, establishment and monitoring of the updating of the economic and technical dashboards for all of the operations within the road sector.
Assistance in road maintenance, in optimal use and servicing of heavy equipment, in the monitoring of road maintenance by volunteers and other interested parties.

Location REPUBLIC OF VANUATU (Oceania)

Client National Public Works Department (PWD)

Cost Confidential – financing source: EU/FED

Start of service provision November 2006

End of service provision December 2007

Mission Quarterly reports, annual end of mission reports, assistance reports, various reports…

The putting into operation and monitoring of the rapid verification, approval and payment of invoices submitted by the Technical Ministry, the study bureaux, the contractors and the monitoring organisms for the execution of the 9th FED road programme / speeding up of the execution of the various FED programmes covering the road sector including maintenance / establishment of a technical multi-year road maintenance programme by ensuring the regular use by the Administration of the existing tool for digitalising maintenance management / drawing up of periodic reports on the functioning of the PWD to help in identification of problems and in improving the general functioning of this and of its services / support in training

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