Rehabilitation of the ‘Great East Road’ on the Nacala – Zambia corridor

The ‘East Coast Road’ project involves the rehabilitation of 360 km of a major highway between Luangwa in Zambia and Mwami at the border with Malawi. This is a strategic route linking the capital Lusaka and the Eastern Province of Zambia/ Chipata to 4 large cities totally dependent on this road link. The works are financed by several Funds, of which 245 km through a FED/BEI/AFD co-finance agreement and 115 km by the BAD.

Partners: LUXCONSULT Maurice - PDNA International

Location Nacala - Zambia

Client Road Development Agency (RDA)

Cost Confidential – Finance source EIB

Start of service provision July 2011

End of service provision October 2017

Mission Project management / preparation of commencement reports, quarterly progress report, final and ad hoc reports / preparation of reports and documents required by the fund provider / review and validation of tenders / drawing up of DAO control documents in terms of reference audit / follow-up and support in the tender process (evaluation and contract adjudication) including FED training procedures/ follow-up and monitoring of works surveillance / work schedule, cost, quality and risk management works / monitoring and follow-up of control bureaux activities/ environmental constraints monitoring / assistance with road safety / support in programming and planning road maintenance: road database, economic priorities / help in preparing the annual Roads Agency programme/ help in finalising and putting into operation the functioning procedures manual of the Roads Agency / assistance in the quality control process / RDA personnel training/ ensuring technology transfer

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