Pre-feasibility study for the Kinkala – Mindouli road – Congo

the project involves the pre-feasibility study for the construction of the stretch of the RN 1between Kinkala and Mindouli, of around 60 km in length, designed to enable the transport to the capital of agricultural products from the Pool department.

Team Engineering (Italy)

Location Kinkala - Mindouli - Congo

Client Ministry of Public Works

Cost Confidentiel - source de financement : UE/FED

Start of service provision September 2009

End of service provision July 2010

Mission Preliminary study / technical study to identify the most appropriate solution including the geo-technical element, the topographical survey, traffic study, hydraulic and erosion study, road dimensioning, trajectory, variant studies, cost estimate / economic study including economic justification of the construction of the road, economic analysis of the optimal solution / drawing up of the financing proposition / environmental and social impact study | drawing up the Project Identification File (FIP) et and Action File (FA) for the 10th FED project to be submitted to the FED committee / | preparation of data to appoint the Technical Assistance which will be charged to the APS, drawing up of the road DAO works document, control and monitoring of the works / defining urgent works

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