Bosphorus rail tunnel in Turkey

The objective of the project is to connect two rail lines of the pan-European IV rail corridor by a tunnel; at the moment these stop on either side of the strait of Bosphorus. This involves a rail link with a total length of 76.53 km and comprises the construction of a dual lane tunnel of 12.5 km (including an underwater section of 1.6 km along with 10.9 km of access tunnels) along with improvements to the two existing peripheral lines through the addition of a third 62.97 km rail line, 40 stations, connection with other transport networks and rolling stock.
The EIB competition will be completed by financing from the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and by funds from the Republic of Turkey.
The aim of the technical assistance project is to help the Rails, Ports and Airports (DLH) department of the Ministry of Transports to manage the construction programme efficiently and within timescales and budgets.

Partners : GTZ – Consortium lead - KARDEN YMM

Location Turkey

Client Turkish government - Ministry of Transport

Cost Confidential – Finance source: EIB

Start of service provision February 2006

End of service provision November 2011

Mission Overall management of the implementation of works / monitoring and follow-up of progress / follow-up and monitoring of the supervision of work carried out by an independent bureau / evaluation of variations and claims from the contractor and consultants / control and management of funds allocation / ensuring financing is in line with the contractual obligations of the operation / request for funds from funding organisms (JBIC, EIB) / preparation of monthly finance reports

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