CitSocial Security complex– Phase I

Cleansing, demolition, foundation and construction works for an administrative building for the Compensation Fund located at the crossroads of the Rue de Hollerich and the Rue du Fort Wedell.
This first phase forms part of the rehabilitation of the Station District and responds to the desire to bring together the various institutions and administrations of the Social Security onto one site.

Location Luxembourg Station District

Client Common Compensation Fund of the General Pensions Regime

Architects AM Architecture & Environnement /

Start of service provision End 2016

End of service provision Scheduled for 2020

Mission General advice and assistance / coordination and monitoring of all participants / assistance in programming / monitoring of permit procedures / coordination of project management / calls for tender procedure and follow-up / analysis of tenders and adjudication monitoring / organisation of study and execution meetings / drawing up and follow-up of schedules / drawing up of progress reports / financial and budget monitoring / organisation and assistance at reception of works.

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