Renovation of the ‘Athénée de Luxembourg’ lycée

Extension and renovation of the ‘Athénée de la Ville de Luxembourg’ lycée in order to be able to accommodate around 1,500 students in 60 classes and 29 special rooms, including an administration structure and a reception structure.
The project also includes the creation of a ground floor, a spacious English courtyard, redesigning the storage areas and a new educational layout for improved energy consumption.

Location Luxembourg - Ville (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)

Client Public Buildings Administration

Architects A.M. Marc Tanson - Team 31

Gross surface area 27.000 m²

Volume hors œuvre brut 124.000 m³

Cost 90 Mio €

Start of service provision 2013

End of service provision 2016

Mission General advice and assistance / coordination and monitoring of all participants / assistance in programming / monitoring of permit procedures / coordination of project management / calls for tender procedure and follow-up / analysis of tenders and adjudication monitoring / organisation of study and execution meetings / drawing up and follow-up of schedules / drawing up of progress reports / financial and budget monitoring / organisation and assistance at reception of works

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