IAK administrative building – Rental layout for BEI

Rental layout of the IAK administrative complex responding to the needs of the tenant, the European Investment Bank; comprising the space planning of the office floors, the creation of a company restaurant and a café, a fitness and relaxation zone, construction of a reception connecting the 4 buildings, of awnings and security locks, and including the allied exterior layout.

Location Kirchberg - Luxembourg

Client Common Compensation Fund of the General Pensions Regime

Architects Arlette Schneiders & Associés Architectes - Luxembourg

Gross surface area 32.000 m²

Cost Confidential

Start of service provision 2014

End of service provision 2017

Mission Identification of specific space management needs / monitoring of establishment of macro and micro-space planning plans / monitoring of authorisations (workposts, escape routes…) integration of specific requirements at study and construction phase / integration of space planning into the general project undertaking / drawing up of general and specific contractual clauses / specifications and submissions / analysis, adjudication proposal, ordering process, organisation of layout works / participation in study and execution meetings / follow-up and monitoring of the planning space management / financial space management monitoring

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